5 Reasons to Study the Bachelor in Humanities at IE University

What place do the Humanities hold in an increasingly tech-focused world? Innovation is vital to the continued advancement of humanity, but we can’t forget about the core human qualities that define us as a species: empathy, compassion, creativity, and critical analysis.

Today, every sector must contend with the volatility that rapid technological advancements bring to the professional landscape. Graduates entering the workplace of tomorrow will need quantitative, analytical, and digital competencies, of course, but they’ll also need soft skills like critical thinking, creativity, and innovation. In an increasingly globalized world, intercultural sensitivity and cultural awareness are crucially important, too.

But is this kind of holistic education possible? At IE University, we believe it is. With the Bachelor in Humanities, we’re committed to training creative, critical, and ethical thinkers capable of making a lasting difference in our shared future.

Here are five reasons why you should study the Bachelor in Humanities at IE University:

1. Forge your future career by understanding the past

The Bachelor in Humanities unlocks skills and understanding that will be valuable in a wide range of sectors by imparting a profound understanding of the ideas and influences that have shaped our past — and therefore inform our future. Graduates of the program will be keen strategists, empathetic, and analytical in equal measure, who are ready to lead meaningful change.

2. Gain the skills to master any career path

The Bachelor in Humanities will train you in highly sought-after soft skills like critical thinking, communication, empathy, and cultural understanding. At the same time, you’ll build confidence with digital tools, coding, and data processing. Armed with a highly marketable profile, you’ll be ready to follow a successful career trajectory in whichever sector most interests you.

3. Discover and enhance your creative talents

Creative thinking and innovative problem-solving are crucial skills in modern business. Creativity is something we take seriously — with initiatives like the IE Foundation Prizes for the Humanities, along with core study subjects including the history of art, there will be plenty of opportunities to nurture your own creativity and share your ideas.

4. Become an outstanding communicator

Exemplary communication skills not only help you stand out in the labor market, they’re also the key to successfully leveraging emerging tech like generative AI, where patterns of expression really matter. Increased cultural awareness combined with the critical exploration of literature and philosophy will help you cultivate engaging communication skills to become a future change-maker.

5. Understand the intersection of human and digital influences

Emerging technologies like AI and machine learning pose ethical questions for humanity. That’s why, alongside comprehensive training in coding, natural language processing, and 3D modeling, this program also examines the ethical and humanistic aspects of new technologies. The Bachelor in Humanities not only teaches efficient digital skills but also the ethical considerations of wielding those abilities and the effects they may have on human society.

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