The DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship, Powered by thinkAG is Open NOW

The DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship is brought to you by Agriculture in the Classroom Canada (AITC-C), in partnership with Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC). By offering this scholarship opportunity, we hope to enable and equip tomorrow’s leaders with the power to make informed, sustainable food choices and career decisions. The DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship was developed to inspire Canadian youth to play an active role in contributing to a more sustainable tomorrow. The Scholarship encourages career exploration in agriculture by providing students with unique perspectives on how to make an impact in sustainable farming both locally and nationally.

This scholarship is all about showing your individual creativity! Connect the agricultural field that you're most interested in with sustainability for the chance to receive one of five $3,000 scholarships!

Agriculture scholarship? But I'm not a farmer…

Food is, and always will be, necessary. Those who produce food and make sure it's on the plates of Canadians, and people around the world, will forever be essential workers. Right now, agriculture doesn't have enough people to fill these food-producing jobs. Agriculture careers are as abundant as they are important.

And the best news of all? The career opportunities out there are exciting, dynamic, and evolving. Agriculture needs people from all backgrounds, with different skill sets and perspectives, to work in this important industry! It needs people like YOU to thinkAG.

Am I eligible for the DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship?

This scholarship is not about grades or transcripts. It's an opportunity for you to showcase your personal creativity and learn about yourself and interests!

Are you a student attending a Canadian high school and in Grades 10-12 (Secondary 4-5 in Quebec)? If so, you can apply!

How do I apply?

1. Pick an agriculture & food career that interests you and outline how it can impact sustainability

2. Choose one of 3 creative submission options: written essay (1,500 words), video (3 min), or visual arts piece (ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, design, craft, photography, architecture)

3. Using your chosen creative submission option, answer three questions:

  • Which Holland Code(s) or interest area(s) does your chosen career fit into? [Options include: Build, Think, Create, Help, Persuade, Organize]
  • How does this career align with your interests?
  • How can this career positively impact sustainability, both locally and globally?

Visit DFC Here For Tomorrow Scholarship and follow our easy step-by-step guide to completing and submitting your application!

Your application form, submission piece, and supporting material must be received by May 1, 2023, at 11:59 PM CST through DFC Here For Tomorrow Scholarship | thinkAG.

Who do you contact if you have any questions or need help?

Please email AITC-C's thinkAG Project Coordinator, Morgan MacTavish, at

Apply to the DFC Here for Tomorrow Scholarship now