Discover Your Scholarship Opportunities as a UWindsor Lancer

Your post-secondary journey begins sooner than you think. It doesn’t start when you accept your offer to your dream school. It starts the moment you decide you want to continue your education and attend a post-secondary school. Part of this journey is discovering what each school can offer you, and a major factor to consider is scholarships.

At the University of Windsor, we give away $14 million in scholarships each year! So, chances are you’ll receive some funding as you join the Lancer community. To get a better idea of what you could receive, check out a few of the many scholarships available:

Automatic entrance scholarships

No matter what program you choose, if you’ve got a minimum average of 85%, you’ll automatically earn an entrance scholarship. This means that you won’t need to put in any work to apply for these awards — other than the work it takes to earn your grades! Your grades are based on your best six final and interim grade 12 U/M level courses (or equivalent) in May. You’re eligible for these awards if you’re entering directly from high school full-time.

Discover what automatic entrance scholarship you could earn based on your grades:

President’s Level Support

Award amount: $4,000/year

You could receive this scholarship if you earn a GPA of 95% to 100%. Not only do your great grades earn you $4,000 when you enter your first year, but this award can also be renewable for up to four years!

Dean’s Level Support

Award amount: $2,500/year

If you earn a GPA of 90% to 94.99%, you’ll be eligible for the Dean’s Level Support entrance scholarship! The best part is this scholarship can be renewed for up to four years. So, you could potentially get $2,500 each year throughout your undergraduate degree!

Blue and Gold Level Support

Award amount: $1,000

You can earn this scholarship if you receive a GPA of 85% to 89.99% in your final grade 12 year. This scholarship is not renewable, but $1,000 in your first year of undergrad can go a long way to help your funding!

Entrance scholarships by application

Our entrance awards recognize a combination of academic excellence, financial need, and good citizenship. To be eligible for our scholarships that require an application, you just need to complete your UWinAward Entrance Application Profile (available at the beginning of January) by April 30. Make sure you apply early, because submissions received prior to April 30 may receive early consideration!

Want to get a better idea of what kinds of awards you could be eligible for when completing your UWinAward Entrance Application Profile? Use our UWinAward Search Tool to discover your scholarship and bursaries opportunities at the University of Windsor.

Outstanding Scholars Programs

Award amount: $750/semester

Approximately 100 high-achieving first-year students in honours majors are offered status as Outstanding Scholar Candidates. In first year, candidates receive $750 per semester in addition to their entrance awards. Outstanding Scholars Candidates meet regularly with program advisors for mentoring. In years two to four, Outstanding Scholars are paid to do research!

Athletic scholarships

Do you love sports? Are you a skilled athlete? Well, if you’re an athlete coming directly from high school, we understand that earning an athletic scholarship can be a game-changing opportunity for you. Your combined success and dedication in both academics and athletics can score you much needed financial support. If you’ve got an 80% average or above, then you can receive up to $4,500 in athletic scholarships in addition to your entrance scholarships!

You could earn one of three athletic scholarships as a Lancer student-athlete:

  • Lancer Gold: $4,000 - $4,500
  • Lancer Blue: $2,500 - $3,500
  • Lancer Shield: $1,000 - $2,000

To apply for an athletic scholarship at the University of Windsor, please contact the head coach of your sport.

Tuition calculator

Knowing what kinds of scholarships you could earn is great — even more so when you know how much it’ll take off your tuition costs! Check out our Tuition Calculator so you can know what to expect when starting your first year of university. Make the best decision for you and become a University of Windsor Lancer!

As impressive as this list is, this doesn’t even cover half of the funding opportunities you could receive at the University of Windsor! Make sure you explore more of our scholarships and bursaries so you can get a better idea of just how many opportunities are available to you.

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