University of Alberta: Tuition Guarantees and Substantial Scholarships

As an international student, two of the largest concerns for studying in Canada is how much it could cost and wondering where to find the money to pay for it. Finding out this information can be tricky, but the University of Alberta (U of A) has made this process simple for you.

Check out how we help make your financial concerns disappear with our unique tuition guarantee and scholarship opportunities.

Tuition and fees

Trying to figure out how much you might be paying each year is difficult with varying tuition rates and other factors that can affect the costs. U of A eases your stress by offering a tuition guarantee and a cost calculator to figure out your exact tuition costs and estimated non-tuition fees.

What is a tuition guarantee?

Your tuition guarantee is the total cost of your program’s tuition given to you in your acceptance letter. What this means is your tuition costs will not increase throughout your studies at U of A since it is calculated based on the number of credits needed to complete your program. This tuition guarantee will be effective for the typical length it takes to complete the program, plus an additional one year.

For example, an undergraduate student’s tuition guarantee is in place for their four-year degree, plus one year, totalling five years.

How does a tuition guarantee help you?

Knowing exactly how much you’ll be paying for tuition for the duration of your studies is beneficial. You’ll be able to make an informed decision when selecting your post-secondary school, and you’ll have more knowledge when applying for your student visa and funding opportunities.

For more information about our tuition guarantee, check out our tuition model FAQ page.

Cost calculator

Want to have a better idea of what your tuition and fees could be for your program? We also offer a cost calculator that gives you a complete breakdown of your tuition costs and estimated non-tuition fees based on a few simple pieces of information. Find out how much you could be paying each year in four easy steps:

  • Citizenship
  • Program of study
  • Housing
  • Get estimate

Try the cost calculator now!


U of A offers two kinds of scholarships to help fund your education: admission-based and application-based.

Admission-based scholarships

You could receive scholarships without even applying! Based on your high school admission average, you will be evaluated for scholarships like these automatically when you apply:

Scholarship Name Scholarship Details
International Admission Scholarship Top students could receive up to $5,000 CAD, depending on admission average.
Regional Excellence Scholarship Top students from certain regions could receive up to $5,000 CAD, based on admission average.
Gold Standard Scholarship The top 5% of all students in each faculty could receive up to $6,000 CAD, depending on admission average.

Application-based scholarships

There are even more scholarships at U of A to be won! Don’t worry about searching through a long list to find out which ones you’re eligible for. Fill out one single scholarship application including your background, experiences, academics, and interests, and you will be matched to scholarships such as these:

Scholarship Name Scholarship Details
President’s International Distinction Scholarship Students with a superior admission average and demonstrated leadership qualities entering their first year of an undergraduate degree on a Student Visa Permit could receive up to $120,000 CAD (payable over 4 years).
International Leader Scholarship Well-rounded leaders with superior academics may receive up to $10,000 CAD.
May Quon Undergraduate Scholarship Students with a superior admission average and self-declared financial need entering their first year of an undergraduate degree on a Student Visa Permit who are Chinese or Hong Kong citizens could receive up to $100,000 CAD (payable over 4 years).

Want more information? Check out these tips on how to apply!

We want to help you make the most informed decision on where to go to school with our transparent costs, helpful scholarships, and more. Check out for yourself what more U of A can offer you!

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