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Studying Abroad: By The Numbers

Here are some stats to convince you to start planning your trip abroad!


We all know that studying abroad is a good thing, but there have been several studies worldwide in recent years to back this up. Here are some stats to convince you to start planning your trip abroad:

  • 84% of Study Abroad alumni felt that during their time abroad they had developed valuable skills for the job market (studies by AIFS and IES Abroad).
  • 91% of employers considered studying abroad on a resumé as a differentiating factor and identified an extensive list of benefits, including a better understanding of cultural differences inside and outside the workplace, and more world experience which makes for an easier adaptation to unfamiliar environments and enhanced life skills (Canadian Bureau of International Education’s World of Learning report)
  • 92% of Study Abroad students said that their time abroad had contributed to a better understanding of themselves and their values (AIFS Study Abroad).
  • 97% of Study Abroad alumni found jobs within 12 months of graduating, and salaries were 25% higher than other alumni (IES Abroad).
  • 97% of universities and 82% of colleges in Canada offer education abroad opportunities – so there are lots of opportunities (Canadian Bureau of International Education (CBIE).

Check to find out about studying in Australia, US, UK and many other countries, and don’t forget to visit the Study and Go Abroad Fairs in Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal in March to meet with top universities from around the world and find out more degree programs abroad.

Modified on November 28, 2016

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