Red Deer Schools International Student Services

Welcoming international students to Canada and Red Deer – great learning and fun!


Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools takes great pride in welcoming students to Canada and Red Deer. Students are greeted at Calgary International Airport (which is 1.5 hours from Red Deer) by their Homestay family or by the International Student Services Program Director.

Orientation Day for all students and a special tour of their school occurs before the first day of school. At the school tour, the school host teacher and counsellor will help the student plan their schedule and assist in English language assessment so all students get placed in appropriate English language and academic courses as well as the fun option courses that makes school life in Red Deer, Canada a wonderful learning experience.

Each school has a teacher who connects will all the international students on a regular basis to ensure they are having a good learning experience and that they are aware of the extra-curricular activities that students in Red Deer Catholic Schools get to participate in to get a true Canadian experience. All students have a caring homestay family and a person at the school who will help them if needed. Parents are also able to communicate through their agent or with the International Student Services Program Director.

Students are welcomed to Red Deer, Canada and are looked after well so they are prime ambassadors to their education experience in Red Deer.

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See you in Canada.
Modified on July 21, 2017

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