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The CBC has reported that over 800 Canadians have purchased a fake degree.


Over the past few weeks, the CBC has been releasing a tell-all tale of its investigation into the world’s largest diploma mill.

A diploma mill, or degree mill, is a fake university or college that sells diplomas and transcripts, rather than an actual education.

According to experts, the selling of fake diplomas is a billion-dollar industry, and over 800 Canadians have purchased one of these bogus degrees.

In the CBC’s article, Investigation reveals hundreds of Canadians have phoney degrees, it is explained that the negative impact of these fake degrees is twofold. CBC Marketplace journalists, Eric Szeto and Nelisha Vellani write, “[Fake diplomas] devalue legitimate degrees that people spend years and thousands of dollars earning. More importantly, professionals like engineers and health-care workers who lack the proper skills and expertise can put the public at risk.”

These fake schools have no physical address and the accreditation bodies they cite are also fake.

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Modified on September 18, 2017

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