How Students Can Bring Their ‘A Game’ to the Three B’s

Brain, Body and Budget


For all the good times and life experience that post-secondary school provides, life for many students can usually be described as a grind, often consisting of too many instant noodles and too little sleep, exercise and money.

I know for me, in my first year away from home, managing my time and new-found freedom was a huge new challenge — no parents telling me what to do or when. This had it’s perks … and its downsides too. While it meant I could go out when I wanted, wherever I wanted, where I wanted and eat whatever I fancied, it also meant I was at times faced with cramming for huge exams mere days before because I hadn’t planned far enough in advance. Or getting sick and worn down on account of too much fun, and too little nutrition.

But what you sometimes don’t realize is that pulling all-nighters to study, juggling a job, socializing and a less-than-stellar diet can creep up and strain your health — both physical and mental — and drain your wallet.

Here are some thoughts to help you develop healthy mental, physical and financial habits to keep you at the top of your game.

Modified on January 15, 2018

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