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Frequently Asked Questions: Scholarship Listings

Why are scholarships available?
It seems too good to be true - all this money offered out of nowhere just for you. But, scholarships have a distinct purpose. They are available to not only foster your reputation, but also your school's. Awards and scholarships are a way of attracting and keeping students that will make valuable contributions to an institution. Scholarships, like internships and fellowships, can also be a way of preparing students to be productive representatives of their college or university upon graduation. Or, sometimes scholarships are awarded by companies to help employees and their families fund their education.

Is there a place where I can see most of the scholarships available?
Yes -

Where is the award database?
The awards database is on our website, you can view all the available scholarships on

Any sites that are reliable for helping you to find scholarships? I started to look, but found it overwhelming!
The scholarship search is definitely overwhelming. On we go through a process to check if the scholarship is legitimate. Signing up for an account will help you get matched with scholarships which you may be eligible to apply. Taking the time to narrow down the scholarships you wish to focus on in the next week, month, or months is a great way to make the application process less overwhelming.

What are some other websites that I can go to for scholarship information? is a good government resource for information on funding. For US scholarships, you can check

How many awards are based just on academics?
81% of the scholarships on do not require an academic average. You don't necessarily need high grades to get a scholarship!

How do I know if a scholarship award is given only once or repeatedly (ex. once every year)?
Scholarships on the database indicate if the scholarship has a reoccurring deadline. This information is available to you when you're viewing the scholarship profile after you have logged into your account.

What are entrance scholarships?

Entrance scholarships are those that are offered at the institution you apply based on your overall high school average (grade 12).

What is the difference between a bursary and a scholarship?
Bursaries are a type of award that is based on financial need. Often, students are required to fill out a supplementary application form which shows their income and expenses during their period of study. Scholarships, on the other hand, do not always require a student to be in financial need. Scholarships may require the student to have a certain academic average, be studying a particular field of study, or have specific interests or activities.

What types of scholarships do most universities and colleges offer?
Many universities and colleges offer entrance awards which are specifically for students in their graduating year of high school and are entering post-secondary studies. Entrance awards are generally based on academic averages and are automatic consideration scholarships. Many universities and colleges also offer other awards that require an application and these vary from institution to institution based on the donors who are funding the scholarships. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for departmental scholarships - there are scholarships available at all levels of study!

Is it possible to have a full scholarship for all your university years?
Yes, full scholarships are possible, but keep in mind that these are very popular. Definitely apply for these, but don't forget the small ones. Many small scholarships can equal a lot of money towards your education.

What's the trick to find a scholarship right for you?
The first step is to get matched with eligible scholarships on, as well, if you look through what's available, you may be able to find scholarships for which you're eligible to apply. By understanding the administrator's goals for the scholarships you choose to focus on, the process of finding the right scholarship becomes much easier.

Are there scholarships for international students? Where can I find more information on international financial assistance?
Yes, there are scholarships for international students, but the focus of is on scholarships for students studying in Canada. We do have some scholarships specifically for international students. There is an "International Student" search filter on which will identify any awards for international students. If you sign up for a free account on the site, you can mark yourself as an international student, and will be matched to any relevant awards. As well, there are $71M worth of scholarships on our database that DO NOT require a specific type of citizenship!

Are there a wide variety of scholarships or bursaries available for universities for new immigrants to Canada?
Yes, there are scholarships available for people of different heritages, so the best thing to do is to check for the requirements in the scholarship profile.

Are there scholarships available for students going to college?
Yes - there are scholarships available for college students. The best way to search for these scholarships is to either fill out a scholarship search profile to be matched with the available scholarships for which you may be eligible to apply and to do a general search by selecting "school of study" as a search filter.

Are there any scholarships for athletes, even if you aren't at a professional level?
Yes, there are scholarships for people doing sports! You definitely don't need to be a professional. If you're part of a team and they're affiliated with an organization, they may be offering a scholarship. Ringette Canada is just one example.

Are there scholarships available for people who've had health issues or have had specific things happen in their lives?
Yes, there are scholarships available for people who have or had special needs. In order to be matched with scholarships for people with special needs, you will need to sign in to your account and complete your scholarship search profile to be matched with those scholarships.

Are scholarships only available to students who write great application essays?
There are many different types of scholarships with have different application guidelines. Not all scholarships require an essay component in the application. For example, some scholarships are contests which require a single or multiple entries where no essay writing is involved. Writing a well-written scholarship application essay is an important skill that you can carry over into your school and job applications. Remember: Practice makes perfect!
Modified on January 25, 2012

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