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Frequently Asked Questions: Scholarship Listings


Why are scholarships available in the first place?

I know, right? Free money, offered out of nowhere, just for you. Seems too good to be true! Of course, scholarships serve a purpose. Schools and organizations offer awards to attract and encourage quality students who will make valuable contributions to the broader society.

Is there a place I can find many available scholarships?

Indeed there is — so glad you asked. Check out to access a database of nearly 100,000 awards, indexed with pre-requisites, application links and more.

Finding scholarships is overwhelming. How can I make it easier?

The process can definitely be intense. At ScholarshipsCanada, we meticulously comb through awards to ensure their legitimacy, and match them directly to you based on your profile. So when you log in, you'll get a list of scholarships that fit your criteria directly. You can also search or browse with a number of useful filters to find the awards that interest you.

Sure, ScholarshipsCanada is great, but what other websites can I try? is a handy government resource on educational funding. has lots of funky scholarships listed. If you're looking for US scholarships, try

How many awards are based just on academics?

Fewer than you'd think! Only about 33% of the awards in our database demand a strong academic average. There are scholarships out there for everyone.

How do I know if awards are given only once, or repeatedly over several years?

Our listings indicate whether an award is "renewable" or not. Renewable means that you'll get the scholarship again the next year (or two, or three) so long as you continue to qualify. Otherwise, assume the award is a one-time thing.

What are entrance scholarships?

Entrance scholarships are given to incoming first-year students, typically based on your grade 12 academic average.

What is "automatic consideration"?

Automatic consideration means you don't have to apply directly at all. Once you've accepted your offer of admission, you're automatically considered for the award.

What's the difference between a scholarship and bursary?

Bursaries are based on financial need. Applying to a bursary may require you to fill out a form about your income or family's finances. Scholarships, on the other hand, are given for all sorts of reasons, which may include financial need, or your academic average, heritage, field of study, and so on.

What types of scholarships do most universities and colleges offer?

Most schools offer entrance awards for incoming high school students, which are often tagged for automatic consideration. Schools will also offer many other awards with varying requirements, based on the award's intention, its donor, faculty or department, etc. Find a wide listing of awards on

Is it possible to get a full scholarship to cover my entire education?

Yes, full scholarships are not only possible, they're also exceptionally rare and popular. By all means, apply for them, but don't discount smaller awards, too. To fund your education, seek whatever you can find. Smaller awards soon add up.

What's the trick to finding a scholarship right for me?

Read and re-read the requirements, instructions and restrictions. Having a good sense of what the scholarship admin is looking for will help you best target your application. Of course, to find awards in the first place, make a profile on and get matched.

Are there scholarships for international students?

Absolutely. Some schools offer awards specifically for international students, while others have a general pool of awards you're free to apply to. Some awards, though, are specified for Canadian citizens, so if that's not you, you're out of luck. Still, most awards in our database are open to international students studying in Canada.

Is there a variety of bursaries and scholarships for newcomers to Canada?

There are. In fact, many awards are looking for applicants of a particular heritage, so make sure you fill out your profile completely to get your best matches.

Are there scholarships for athletes who aren't at a professional level?

Many scholarships are looking for athletic involvement of any sort, so you're covered. Many organizations also offer awards, so if you're part of a sports association — Ringette Canada for example — you may have a leg up there, too.

Are scholarships available for people with mental or physical health issues?

Yes, scholarships exist for people with special needs. You can indicate this status on your profile, and awards will be matched to you accordingly.

Are scholarships only awarded to students who write great essays?

Not at all — scholarships are awarded to all sorts of people! Most scholarships don't include an essay component at all. Of course, clear writing is an important life skill, so take a chance and apply, even if you doubt your abilities. If nothing else, you'll learn something, and practice makes perfect!

I have another question about scholarship listings that isn't addressed here.

Check out the other frequently asked questions on ScholarshipsCanada. If you're still stumped, reach out and ask us directly. We may even include your question on this page in the future!

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Modified on April 28, 2020

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