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Career Services at Mount Allison


Mount Allison University offers a unique career planning experience on campus. The University has a career services coordinator who assists students with employment on campus and also with career planning resources and job opportunities post graduation.

Career services coordinator, Rebecca Leaman, believes this type of resource is important for students as they plan on taking the next step in their education and careers.

“Sometimes it can be overwhelming to consider ‘what’s next?’ but I try to simplify the process, offering as much support as possible,” says Leaman. “Mount Allison is the ideal environment for exploring a variety of fields, so we recommend taking advantage of the options and getting involved.”

Leaman says when students begin to narrow down their interests and goals, it makes career planning much easier because they can focus their efforts on gaining the right skills and preparing for the long term.

Leaman manages job listings on campus and runs career preparation sessions and workshops in areas such as resumé writing and interviewing skills. She also connects students with post-graduate and professional institutions, such as dental, medical, and law school.

One of the areas Leaman has grown is the careers services social media presence on Twitter. She believes this is an important element in connecting with students.

“Recruiters and employers are also using Twitter extensively, so it has become a great tool for linking our students with all of the opportunities available to them,” she says. “You’ll find everything there — job opportunities, advice, tips, articles, and much more, so we do our best to pass along great resources.”

More than 600 students are employed at Mount Allison during the academic year and throughout the summer months. Job postings, internships, as well as on and off-campus part-time and full-time employment opportunities are posted on the employment board in the Wallace McCain Student Centre.

Jobs include:

  • Lab/research assistant
  • Office intern
  • Dining services
  • Note taker
  • Environmental auditor
  • Residence assistant
  • Student ambassador
  • Library staff
  • Computing services tech
  • The Pond/bar services
  • Athletic Centre/fitness centre
  • Academic mentor

Visit for more information on career planning or to book an appointment with the career services coordinator and follow @mtacareer on Twitter.

Modified on March 10, 2015

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