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Scholarships... Take A Bite Out Of Tuition


Financing a postgraduate degree is a challenge for most students, with not only the cost of tuition to consider, but also housing, food, leisure activities, etc. Nowadays we all recognise that higher education is an investment, but it doesn’t have to cost as much as you might think. Like you apply discount codes to purchases made online, you can think of scholarships in a similar manner. Explore your options and apply for the relevant discounts.

Good news: There’s a wealth of opportunity out there through scholarships, bursaries and funding! Don’t be intimidated by the application processes, but be diligent and detail oriented – it’s a numbers game. Every application you fill out increases the likelihood you will receive an award. Some universities, like the University of Gloucestershire in the UK, make it even easier with no separate application form for Canadian students. You could automatically receive up to 25% off tuition fees with their international merit scholarship.

If you choose to study abroad you may still be eligible to receive home funding, for example, the University of Gloucestershire is eligible for OSAP funding.

A word of caution: Before you invest time filling out lengthy applications, remember to double check the eligibility requirements.

Tips for success: Explore your options and keep track of deadlines: Whilst the University of Gloucestershire has no separate application form for its international merit scholarship, to qualify you need to have applied for your course and accepted an offer by the 1st June, to start the following September. In fact, this would guarantee you an automatic discount of at least £1,500 off tuition for graduate students.

Most importantly, never count yourself out; you might just surpass the competition.

Modified on April 11, 2016

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