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Earn Your Master's and a Salary with an Integrated Placement Program

Get a great education in business, science or tech, and get paid to do it.

Part of London, England's gorgeous skyline at the Thames. Middlesex University is a mere half hour away.

Are you considering studying at the master's level? Do you want to earn a living wage while getting experience on the ground, in your field? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live, study, and work in London, England? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out Middlesex University's Integrated Placement programs. You'll study cutting-edge course work — with free electronic textbooks — and you'll have access to a three or 12 month work placement while you pursue your master's degree. And of course, you'll earn a full-time salary while you work.

There are more reasons than ever to study in the UK. Thanks to recent changes in legislation, international graduates are welcome to stay and work in the United Kingdom for up to two years after completing a degree — with the possibility to extend your stay beyond even that! With central London only a half hour away, Middlesex University is your gateway to explore Europe. And Middlesex graduates boast an employment rate of over 90%, so you can be sure you're getting a valuable, career-ready education.

Integrated Placements are available in over a dozen programs in business, law, science, and technology. Here's just a sample of the exciting opportunities awaiting you at Middlesex University.

MBA - Master of Business Administration

If you've already got some business chops, and want to learn more about helming a successful enterprise, this MBA is for you. You'll sharpen your leadership skills and learn a variety of managerial techniques. If you love the sound of economic analysis, global marketing management, and strategy and innovation, you'll love this program. As a bonus, you'll earn your CMI (Chartered Management Institute) qualification during the course of your studies.

MSc - Computer Science

Computer science is all the rage, and for good reason: its reach and influence is ubiquitous. You wouldn't be reading this if not for computer scientists! At Middlesex, you'll gain a deep appreciation for advanced compsci theory coupled with a strong focus on contemporary research and practical work experience — and that's before you even start your placement. You'll also have access to the Human Interactive Systems Laboratory, part of the UK Visual Analytics Consortium, for all manner of wild experiments.

MSc - Data Science

One of the most interesting developments of the internet age is the rise of Big Data. Organizations increasingly collect and analyze an incredible amount of information, and data scientists make it happen. You'll learn about corporate data governance, visual analytics, and machine learning, through a mix of theoretical underpinnings and old-fashioned practice, all while picking up industry-relevant dev tools and languages.

Middlesex's Integrated Placement programs are full to bursting with the skills and theory you need to make a splash in your career. Not only will you study in one of the world's great cities, but you'll earn a placement in a dynamic company or organization to take your career further. To learn more about Middlesex University London, and Integrated Placement programs, send us an email at, or visit our Canada country page.

Modified on December 17, 2019

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