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Access Over 700 Scholarships with Just One Application

Mount Royal University makes it easy to apply for awards online.

Mount Royal University students enjoy the campus, having applied to over 700 scholarships and awards with a single online application!

When you receive a scholarship, there's a good chance Cyndi Cave will be just as happy about it as you are. "I absolutely love seeing people get the financial help they need to study here," she says.

Cyndi is the scholarship coordinator in the Mount Royal University (MRU) Student Awards and Financial Aid department. She says many students are unaware they may be eligible for entrance, in-course scholarships and nominated awards. "Students can begin pursuing that assistance immediately," says Cyndi. "As soon as a student applies for admission and has received their confirmation that their application has been received, they can apply for awards."

That means you can seek financial aid even before you're accepted. Starting the process is easy. Among the many scholarships available, there are more than 700 that you can access through a single application.

Applying for Awards at MRU

You can apply for entrance scholarships as early as October 1 for the following Fall term. After you've applied to an MRU program and receive your student ID number and email address, you can enter the online scholarship application system. Once you've started the process online, you'll see the wide variety of financial assistance available.

When you apply for a scholarship, understanding the criteria ? the factors considered when determining your eligibility ? increases your chance for success. MRU considers several factors including your academic achievement.

Do you like to stay busy when you're not in class? If the answer is "yes," you're in luck. Activities, like volunteering, are among the criteria considered. Not only does taking part in things like sports and student government enrich your life and the lives of others around you, they also bring advantages when you apply.

"For example, we love to see students who are active community volunteers, or have demonstrated leadership," says Cyndi. "These things help a student's chances of being chosen, and in the end, that's our goal."

View Mount Royal University's list of scholarships and awards!

Modified on February 04, 2020

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