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Archived Polls

Are you considering graduate school at all? 24/06/2024
Should Canada lower the voting age from 18 to 16? 30/05/2024
Do you feel secure about your housing options while attending college / university? 03/05/2024
Is your diploma or degree program really worth it? 05/04/2024
Have you started looking for a summer job? 13/03/2024
How far do you plan to go with your education? 21/02/2024
What tool do you use most often when searching for info online? 02/02/2024
Would you be more likely to create or sign into a free account if it meant not seeing ads? 03/01/2024
Do you feel you had enough support from guidance counsellors when choosing which schools & programs to apply to? 13/12/2023
How many schools are you applying to for next year? 30/11/2023
Should Canada get rid of the Daylight Savings / Standard Time changeover once and for all? 08/11/2023
How do you feel about Quebec increasing tuition costs at English-language universities? 24/10/2023
Any interest in attending virtual education events in 2023 or 2024? 11/10/2023
Are you following us on social media? 19/09/2023
Has Canada's housing crisis impacted your desire to study in Canada at all? 05/09/2023
How anxious do you feel about the upcoming fall semester? 10/08/2023
Is Canada doing enough to help refugees after they arrive? 12/07/2023
Should more provinces follow Ontario's lead and let students start full-time apprenticeships after grade 10? 28/06/2023
What's the biggest factor for you when choosing a school to attend? 14/06/2023
Have you applied for any scholarships yet this year? 31/05/2023