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Battle River Implements Ltd.
Field of Study: Any
$500 July 15, 2021 Low
APEGGA N.H. Bradley, P.Eng., Memorial Scholarship
Field of Study: Civil Engineering, GeneralEngineering, GeneralSurveying Engineering
$700 May 01, 2021 Low
Dr. Jim Carter Syncrude Mining Scholarship
Field of Study: Mining and Mineral EngineeringPetroleum Engineering
$2,000 n/s Low
Judy R. Shelley Memorial Scholarship in Classical Piano
Field of Study: Music, GeneralPiano and Organ
$1,250 n/s Low
A Dr. Dennis Kadatz Golden Bears Football Leadership Award
Field of Study: Any
$500 n/s Low
Ricoh Canada Inc. Award
Field of Study: Economics, General
$500 n/s Low
Walker Newby and Associates Ltd. Prizes in Environmental Engineering
Field of Study: Civil Engineering, General
$1,000 n/s Low
A Dr. Bohdan Michalyshyn Scholarship in Surgery
Field of Study: General Surgery
$1,000 n/s Low
A Dr. Tom Ranieri & Dr. Alph Conradi Excellence in Compassionate Care Scholarship
Field of Study: Medicine (MD)
$1,750 n/s Low
Dr. Gary McPherson Leadership Scholarship
Field of Study: Any
$2,000 n/s Low
The Dr. Henry Wyatt Prize in Ophthalmology
Field of Study: Ophthalmology
$500 n/s Low
The Dr. Joe Tilley and The Allin Clinic Family Medicine Award
Field of Study: Family Medicine
$3,500 n/s Low
The Dr. T.A. Kasper Resident Excellence Scholarship
Field of Study: Pathology
$4,000 n/s Low
The Honourable Dr Lois E. Hole Student Spirit Award for 3rd Year Students
Field of Study: Any
$4,000 n/s Low
James D. Balfour Scholarship in Civil Engineering
Field of Study: Civil Engineering, General
$2,000 n/s Low
Marlene J. Cherry 3 Generation Award
Field of Study: Business/Commerce, GeneralEducation, GeneralMusic
$1,000 n/s Low
Robert T.E. McLaughlin and Mary Janet (neé Matheson) McLaughlin Award in Canadian History
Field of Study: Canadian HistoryHistory, General
$1,250 October 01, 2020 Low
Melcor Developments Ltd. Scholarship
Field of Study: Business/Commerce, General
$750 n/s Low
Evraz Inc. NA Camrose Works Supervisors Grain Crop Scholarship
Field of Study: Any
$1,000 December 15, 2020 Low
Dr. Marguerite Lambert Leng WISEST Rising Star Scholarship
Field of Study: Biochemistry
$1,000 n/s Low
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