It is no secret that study abroad students are more employable than their peers, with study abroad alumni finding it easier to find a job and starting on higher salaries. Here’s why:

  1. 1. Study abroad students are independent. Instead of sticking with what is comfortable, they moved somewhere where the accents are unfamiliar, the food tastes funny, and they have a different word for ‘washroom.’ Building a routine and community in a completely new place helps students become resilient and independent, creative problem-solvers, who would make a great addition to a workplace.
  2. 2. Study abroad students are adaptable. The experience of living in a foreign country can throw a few curveballs your way. Getting lost on public transport, eating marmite believing that it is chocolate spread (a friend of mine actually did this during study abroad!), or stumbling through a conversation in an unfamiliar language, are all part of the study abroad experience. These curveballs help you learn how to deal with unexpected plot twists calmly and with a smile on your face, which makes for an excellent leader or team player.
  3. 3. Meeting people from all over the world helps students to develop strong interpersonal skills. During a study abroad adventure, you will meet people from completely different backgrounds to you. The experience you gain from working in diverse groups is invaluable and will set you apart from other graduates.

This new year, be brave and consider making an investment in your future and studying abroad. To learn more, come along to one of the free Study and Go Abroad Fairs this Spring, and meet university admissions reps from all over the world.