Did You Know? Almost All Master's Students at the University of Notre Dame Receive Full-Tuition Scholarships!

Looking for graduate-level experience studying and researching abroad, but put off by the steep fees charged to international students? The University of Notre Dame's Graduate School might be the place for you. Almost 100% of students in the Graduate School receive full-tuition scholarships that include all fees (except for a small student activity fee).

Though a few master's programs are exempt from this program, Notre Dame offers over two dozen traditional master's programs that qualify for full-tuition scholarships!

Master's programs offer varying levels of financial support, ranging from tuition assistantship to full tuition plus a stipend. Be sure to check with your individual program to learn what level of funding is available.

Professional vs traditional master's programs

Notre Dame distinguishes between professional and traditional master's programsonly traditional degrees are eligible for full tuition funding. But what's the difference between professional and traditional master's programs?

Professional master's programs

Students pursuing a professional master's program are responsible for tuition fees, which are approximately $60,000 USD (or $79,000 CAD) per year.

Professional master's degrees lead to employment in a specific field, or combine multiple subjects into a single degree. Notre Dame offers nine professional master's programs, in areas like:

Graduates who go on to work in these fields are often well-compensated, which helps to cover the high costs of tuition fees for these specialized degrees. Check out the full list of grad programs at Notre Dame.

Traditional master's programs

Traditional master's programs, sometimes known as academic master's programs, account for the majority of post-grad degrees at Notre Dame.

Most students pursuing a traditional master's at Notre Dame receive a full tuition scholarship! Notre Dame offers over two dozen traditional master's degrees, in areas like:

Curious to dig into the details on costs? Check out the graduate program rates via the Office of Student Accounts. Or, take a look at the full list of grad programs at Notre Dame.

Full-tuition scholarships at Notre Dame for graduate students

Eager to pursue higher education, without the higher price tag? Qualifying for a full-tuition scholarship at Notre Dame is as easy as applying for a traditional master's program.

You can learn about the application requirements for Notre Dame graduate students, and if you're accepted as a student, you'll receive information on potential scholarships; no separate application needed!

About 30% of graduate students at Notre Dame come from abroad, so you'll be in good company as a Canadian! You may want to visit a nearby EducationUSA advising center to talk about your experience and goals. Not only will you get help deciding whether a graduate degree in the United States is right for you, but you can also take part in free sessions designed to help you apply for and transition into studies in the USA.

Have questions about attending the Graduate School at the University of Notre Dame? Reach out via email to issa@nd.edu!

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