Make Your Scholarship Hunt Easy at Brock University

Post-secondary education is the best time to branch out your interests, discover your passions, pursue your career, and develop your identity. But university can get expensive, so how can you alleviate your financial stress? Well, Brock University wants to invest in you! When you choose to study at Brock, you’re choosing a university that wants to recognize your achievements and help you meet your financial needs.

Did you know Brock offers one of the best awards programs in Ontario? With a combination of Brock awards and bursaries, and available government support, we’ll help you develop a plan to make your education more affordable and manageable.

Automatic entrance awards

Yup — you read that right! If you’re entering the first year of your undergraduate program directly out of high school, then you’ll be automatically considered for these entrance awards — no application needed!

Brock Scholars Awards

At Brock, we’re committed to encouraging academic excellence. The Brock Scholars Awards are meant to recognize our best and brightest students every year. So, if you’ve got an 80% average, then you’re eligible for one of these scholarships.

Admission average (final grades) Amount of award
95.0%+ $13,600 ($3,400 each year)
90.0% - 94.9% $7,600 ($1,900 each year)
85.0% - 89.9% $3,600 ($900 each year)
80.0% - 84.9% $1,600 ($400 each year)

The final value of your award may increase or decrease if your final admission average changes when your final grades are submitted. Make sure you continue to work hard all the way to graduation so that you can get the amount you deserve!

Specialist High Skills Major Award

Value: $500

Are you finishing a Specialist High Skills Major program at your high school? If so, and you have an admission average of 80% or higher, you’ll automatically be awarded a $500 scholarship!

Application-based awards

At Brock, we understand how busy the school year can be, and you don’t want to spend all your spare time applying to award after award. So, we’ve developed one application for all awards and bursaries offered at Brock. We call it OneApp.

The process to submit your OneApp varies depending which year you’re in. Find out when you’d need to submit your OneApp to be considered for scholarships:

  • New entering students: you’ll need to submit your OneApp twice
    • November 1 to April 15 in the year before your entrance
    • August 1 to October 15 in your current undergraduate year
  • After your first year: you’ll only need to submit your OneApp once
    • August 1 to October 15
  • Graduating students: you’ll only need to submit your OneApp once
    • August 1 to April 30

Want to know what kinds of awards, scholarships, and bursaries you could be eligible for? Check out our Student Awards and Financial Aid Award database. Using the filters, you’ll find financial aid that directly matches your circumstances, and who knows — you may receive some of the awards you find!

Prestige awards

Are you an exceptional student? Chances are you’re eligible for one of our prestigious awards! Some of these awards’ applications may be covered under our OneApp, but others may require an additional application — make sure you read the instructions carefully. Check out some of our prestige awards that you could receive:

Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Award

Value: $8,000 ($2,000 per year)

The Brock Leaders Citizenship Society Award is given to incoming secondary school students from all faculties who have achieved exceptional academic success, outstanding leadership, and community involvement. By accepting the award, the student is also inducted into the prestigious Brock Leaders Citizenship Society. To apply for this scholarship, you’ll have to complete a separate application.

Niagara Principal’s Scholarship

Value: $2,500

If you’re graduating from a high school in the Niagara region, you plan to go to Brock, have excellent grades, and you’re engaged in your school and community, then you may be eligible to receive the Niagara Principal’s Scholarship! This scholarship requires a separate application to be eligible.

Goodman Scholarships

Value: up to $8,000

Goodman Scholarships are awarded to students entering their first year at the Goodman School of Business who have demonstrated at least two of the following:

  • Leadership in school life and community life or evidence of entrepreneurial talent
  • High academic grades
  • Financial need

You can apply for this scholarship by completing your Brock University OneApp.

If you want to learn more about how to apply for our awards and bursaries, check out our informative video:

Pretty simple — right? At Brock University, we want to make your scholarship search easy with access to hundreds of scholarships through our automatic scholarships and our OneApp. So, start your scholarship search at Brock today.

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