Congratulations to the Study and Go Abroad Prize Winners for 2022!

The Study and Go Abroad (SAGA) fairs were back in-person this fall, and we had a great time meeting with students in five cities across the country: Toronto, Montréal, Ottawa, Vancouver, and Calgary. We talked schools and scholarships with hundreds of students, so a big thanks to those who came out!

Not only did we have a great time sharing stories and advice, we also offered prizes to ten of our most excited, energetic participants. Prizes ranged from Apple AirPods, to branded swag, to cold, hard cash! The winners have received their prizes, so let's take a moment to meet them now!

Study and Go Abroad Fair prize winners

Not all of our recipients were eager to be featured in this article, but let's meet those who were:

Antonia Welo Omanyundu

Antonia's in her fourth year of interdisciplinary social sciences at York University in Ontario. She enjoys acting and dancing when she isn't studying! Congrats Antonia.

Arianne Rainville

Arianne attended the Montréal leg of the fairs, from her home north of the city. Merci de vous joindre à nous, Arianne!

Dania Gato

Dania's interested in pursuing dentistry — which means a heck of a lot of school! — and joined us at the downtown Toronto fair. She's looking to start her dental journey in 2023. Best of luck Dania!

Halwest Amir Mawlood

Halwest came to Canada from Iraq, and joined us at the Vancouver fair from his home in Burnaby. Thanks for coming out to SAGA, Halwest!

Jack Levy

Jack joined us in Calgary, where he attends high school. He's got a nearly perfect academic record, and considering he's heading into engineering science in the UK or the US, he'll need it!

Mariah Simons

Mariah is a student at the University of Lethbridge, and she joined us in Calgary to learn about pursuing her doctorate abroad. Best of luck on deciding on your path, Mariah.

Nadia Smith

Nadia joined us in Ottawa, her hometown, to learn about continuing her high school education in another country. Sounds pretty exciting — and super brave!

Sayat Mesfin

Sayat came down to Toronto from her home in Pickering, braving the GTA traffic for a chance to learn about pursuing her master's degree outside Canada. Good luck Sayat!

Vu Dang Khoa Chiem

Vu Dang Khoa joined us from his home in Montréal, where he's still in high school. He's looking ahead to his first year of undergrad abroad in the United Kingdom or the USA.

Congrats again to all of our winners — including those we haven't named — and a huge thanks to everyone who came out to the Study and Go Abroad fairs this fall.

Before we go, though, we have one more prize winner to announce: our grand prize winner!

Study and Go Abroad Fairs Grand Prize Winner

The grand prize was generously furnished by Air Canada: an international return flight to any Air Canada destination! Yes, that means if Air Canada flies there, our winner can go.

Please join us in congratulating our winner, chosen by random draw from all the attendees of the fall fairs: Grace McDougall-Vick.

Grace McDougall-Vick

Grace is an ecology student at McGill University in Montréal, where she work on soil research in an effort to combat climate change. She knows more about agricultural nutrient cycling than you'd ever want to!

Will Grace choose a soil-friendly location for her Air Canada trip, or will she take a little break instead, perhaps opting for a sandy beach with turquoise waters? Time will tell!

Congrats, Grace, on winning the grand prize from Air Canada. Enjoy your trip!

Thanks again to everyone who registered and joined us across Canada for SAGA. The next in-person fairs will run in early March 2023, so stay tuned for your next opportunity to meet and greet schools around the world — and maybe even win some cool prizes on top.

See you at the next Study and Go Abroad fair!

Join us at the next SAGA fair!