Students in Western Canada: Apply Now for a $1,500 Darren L. Buium Scholarship

EECOL Electric is working to support first-year engineering, electrical, tech, and construction students in Canada's western provinces with the $1,500 Darren L. Buium scholarship. Named for EECOL's former president, who worked his way up from the mail room, and embodied "the EECOL Way," this scholarship will support the next generation of the electrical industry. Darren saw customers as real people with real needs, and gained a genuine sense of fulfillment and purpose from helping others.

Now, you can follow in Darren's footsteps, and get a leg up on paying for your education, by applying for a $1,500 Darren L. Buium scholarship from EECOL.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Darren L. Buium scholarship?

Here's what you'll need to apply for the scholarship. Be sure to get everything submitted by the May 31, 2023 deadline!

  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. (Unfortunately, this scholarship is not available to international students.)
  • Be in financial need; generally this means you'll have already applied for provincial student aid.
  • Be LIVING in or ATTENDING school in Western Canada. This means either:
    • Alberta
    • British Columbia
    • Manitoba
    • Saskatchewan
  • Be entering your first year of a program in one of these areas:
    • Engineering
    • Electrical
    • Technology
    • Construction
    • Skilled trades

Be aware that exceptions to these program areas can be made for applicants who want to enter the electrical industry after graduation. This means that if you want to work in the electrical field (be it sales, marketing, financing, or anything else), you don't necessarily need to be studying in one of the fields listed above.

How do I apply for the Darren L. Buium scholarship?

You'll need to complete a few steps to submit your application. Be sure to get started soon so you have time to submit before the May 31, 2023 deadline.

  • Create an account on, and fill out the Buium application form.
  • Write a 300-500 word essay on the following topic:
    • Tell us about a time when you took initiative. What did you learn from this experience?
  • Create a one-minute video explaining who you are and why you're interested in your field of study. (Selfie style is fine, but please ensure your video is well-lit!)
    • Please then upload your video to a site like YouTube or Vimeo, and ensure the permissions let anyone with the link view the video.
  • Upload a copy of your university or college acceptance letter, or any other proof that shows you're going to post-secondary school in 2023.

Who was the previous recipient of the Darren L. Buium scholarship?

EECOL last ran this program in 2021, when the winner was Courtney Korabek! Courtney was a sustainable building technology student at BC's Okanagan College, who said, "I can't help but imagine all of the fulfilling possibilities that I will have working in this field, beyond this program. It all starts with education, and I truly appreciate EECOL Electric for their support as I begin this next adventure."

Getting $1,500 to pay off tuition, books and materials, or living expenses could take a big load off your shoulders! After all, you'd have to work nearly 100 minimum-wage hours to earn that much, which could take a month or more of part-time labour. Not bad for an evening's work on a scholarship application!

That's everything you need to know about the Darren L. Buium scholarship! Remember, the award is open now for applications, and the deadline is May 31, so don't wait — get your application started today.

Apply now for the Darren L. Buium scholarship