6 Students Win $5,000 Each from the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarships

Six bright young students are receiving $5,000 each to begin their post-secondary education, from the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship.

They were selected from among dozens of candidates who applied for the scholarship by submitting a video essay describing their vision for the future of agriculture. The winning ideas included applying blockchain technology to reduce food waste and using artificial intelligence to help farmers combat pests.

All the applicants' videos were posted on g3growbeyond.org and the video voting page received more than 13,000 views. Public voting on the videos formed part of the candidates' scores, and a committee from the agriculture industry and academia selected the winners:

Calvin Cao

Catrina Chebae

Fiona Beech

Jamie Gao

Marukh Zafar

Mofiyinfoluwa Saka

"The future is in good hands with such talented young students moving forward with their education and bringing such visionary ideas with them," says G3 CEO Don Chapman. "G3 is proud to help those visions become reality. Thank you to all the applicants."

G3 has presented the G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship every year since 2020. This year, G3 increased the student award to $5,000 from $4,000. The scholarship is available to students studying in any discipline.

The G3 Grow Beyond Scholarship will be presented again in 2024!

About G3

G3 was created with the vision of building a smarter path from farmers' fields to global markets. Today, G3 is transforming the way grain moves with an expanding network of facilities that set new standards for fast, safe, and reliable operations. We focus on efficiency to create opportunity for our customers across Canada and around the world. G3 Terminal Vancouver, a state-of-the art export facility, is bringing more speed and efficiency to our grain supply chain. G3 is a Canadian company, and is headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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