Tuition Costs for Canadian Undergraduate and Graduate Students

Application season is here! If you're not sure what to study in university, this list might help. Using data gathered from Statistics Canada focused on the 2023 school year, we bring you the average tuition costs for Canadian students in undergraduate and graduate degrees!

Find out what you can expect to spend on tuition at Canadian colleges and universities, depending on your field of study. This data is drawn from students pursuing bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees, all of which are common at university. If you're considering a diploma program or certificate, you can expect to pay less than the average costs laid out here.

Undergraduate Canadian students: bachelor degrees

The average tuition cost for Canadian students pursuing a bachelor's degree is $6,434 per year. Several fields fall below this cost, and others are much more expensive. Remember that Canada offers many diploma programs that can be less expensive, more hands-on, and quicker to complete. Diplomas are often focused less on theory and more on tangible, career-prep experiences. So be sure to consider diploma programs, too.

Here's a list for the average costs by field for Canadian undergraduates in 2023; you can expect 2024 figures to be fairly similar. Most of these programs are four years, but many, like dentistry, medicine, and law, will often take longer, or require further education after your bachelor's degree. You may want to check out costs for grad students below as well!

These fields are ordered from most expensive to least expensive. Remember that a given school or program may be more or less expensive due to various factors, so take these as a rule of thumb.

Field of study (undergraduate)Average cost per year, CAD
Veterinary medicine$14,124
Business, management and public administration$6,884
Mathematics, computer and information sciences$6,618
Other health, parks, recreation, and fitness$5,802
Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies$5,740
Agriculture, natural resources and conservation$5,649
Physical and life sciences and technologies$5,608
Personal, protective, and transportation services$5,595
Social and behavioural sciences, and legal studies$5,492
All programs, across Canada$6,434

Looking for info on specific provinces? Check out the StatCan data on their website using the pre-filtered searches below:

*For Quebec, please be aware that the data here is gathered from before changes to tuition in Quebec for out-of-province students which will raise costs to between $9,000 and $17,000 per year for Canadians from outside Quebec.

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Graduate Canadian students: master's and doctoral degrees

If you're going to grad school, your average program cost is pretty similar to your undergrad: $6,886 is the average, regardless of field of study, across Canada. Some programs, like MBAs, are much more expensive than other programs; even pharmacy and veterinary medicine! That said, some programs, like medicine, pharmacy, law, and so on, may require more than one or two years of study to complete.

This list only covers master's and doctoral programs: post-graduate diplomas are another option for continuing your studies beyond your degree, but on a shorter time-frame. And now, the list of tuition costs for Canadian graduate students by field of interest:

Field of study (graduate)Average cost per year, CAD
MedicineNo data**
Executive MBA$41,462
Regular MBA$28,215
Business, management and public administration$12,997
Mathematics, computer and information sciences$8,338
Other health, parks, recreation, and fitness$6,538
Physical and life sciences and technologies$6,413
Personal, protective, and transportation services$6,056
Agriculture, natural resources and conservation$5,922
Social and behavioural sciences, and legal studies$5,708
Visual and performing arts, and communications technologies$5,259
Veterinary medicine$3,852
All programs, across Canada$6,886

**Medicine costs are not reported as part of this data, unfortunately. You can explore Canadian programs in the medical and health field or consider schools abroad, like the Carribean or other top-ranked schools around the world! Be sure to read this article comparing costs of med schools in Canada, the US, UK, and Caribbean to learn more about medical school tuition.

Looking for info on specific provinces? Check out the StatCan data on their website using the pre-filtered searches below:

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Remember, if you want to learn the real tuition cost for the programs that interest you most, you can explore programs in all sorts of program areas, then reach out to the school and speak to a member of the recruitment team. Check out some questions you should ask, and have fun!

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