Why Study Drama at UCalgary?

Drama is one of the oldest yet most immediate and rewarding ways of engaging with the world. UCalgary’s School of Creative and Performing Arts graduates enter a wide range of professional and vocational careers and make vital contributions to society as artists and scholars in Canada and around the world.

Drama practitioners and scholars explore questions such as: How does the theatre reflect and influence contemporary culture? How can dramaturgy enhance a production? Did William Shakespeare write all the plays that bear his name? What stories are told, by whom and why? What other stories need to be told? Drama and theatre provide the means not only to reconstruct the world as it is, but also to model human possibilities.

Discover all the reasons why you should consider studying drama at UCalgary:

Career opportunities

As a drama graduate, you'll be prepared for career opportunities in areas such as Artistic Direction of a theatre company, Set or Costume Designer for theatre or television series, or Arts Consultant in the business or not-for-profit sector. An Arts degree can also be used as a stepping-stone to graduate studies or another professional degree such as education, law, medicine, architectural design, or digital game design.

A unique place to study

So, what sets UCalgary apart from other schools?

  • We provide you with a solid foundation coupled with individually designed opportunities to specialize
  • We focus on graduating confident and rigorously trained creative artists and scholars
  • Drama combines advanced training in theatre practice and study across other disciplines
  • Integration into the local and national performance industry leads to many opportunities after graduation

Enhance your degree

As a drama student, you can:

  • Create your own work
  • Enjoy study abroad opportunities
  • Work with visiting artists and scholars
  • Choose from multiple specializations
  • Combine degrees, and earn minors in other disciplines
  • Enjoy multiple dedicated performance spaces
  • Qualify for multiple scholarships and awards


UCalgary students can be eligible for up to four full credit courses for participation in Drama Mainstage performances as actors, stage managers, running crew, wardrobe, props, scenic painting, assistant directors, camera crew, assistant designers, and production management. Applications for practicums are due at the beginning of each term.


Earn hands-on experience with all aspects of live performance! Every summer since 1971, Wagonstage Children’s Theatre makes theatre for young audiences with the goal to create and sustain a vibrant, healthy, safe, and caring community for all Calgarians.

The plays are created in collaboration with student artists, both undergraduate and graduate, through the entire process of writing, directing, design, and performance.

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