Smart Study Strategies For Midterms

By: Hefzi-ba Mancilla Plaza

As the semester unfolds, midterms are fast approaching, and the pressure might be building up. But fear not, because Humber College has an array of resources to ensure you're well-prepared and confident when facing your midterms. Here are some smart study strategies to help you excel:

Peer Tutoring Sessions

Studying alone can be tough, especially when midterms are around the corner. That's why Humber offers Peer Tutoring Sessions, where you can connect with your peers for collaborative study sessions. You can request group tutoring for up to 5 people, allowing you to organize study sessions with your friends. Whether it's on campus, through video calls, chat, or whiteboard collaboration, Humber's Peer Tutoring is designed to cater to your specific needs. Book your first peer tutoring session on their website.

Writing Centre support

Midterms often involve a variety of writing tasks, from thesis development to refining research skills and addressing grammatical issues. Humber's Writing Centre is available to assist you with personalized instruction during one-on-one appointments. No matter the aspect of writing you're struggling with, the writing tutors at Humber are dedicated to helping you improve. To learn more visit the Math and Writing Centre website.

Math Centre assistance

For many students, the anxiety of filling out a scantron and second-guessing calculations is all too familiar. To tackle this, Humber's Math Centre provides support for various math subjects, including algebra, calculus, business math, statistics, and more. By seeking help from the Math Centre, you can ensure that you understand the concepts thoroughly, leaving no room for doubt during your midterms. To get ahead of your midterms visit the Math Centre’s website.

We got you covered

At Humber, we've got you covered with a range of resources to make your midterm preparations smart and effective. Don't hesitate to take advantage of these opportunities to enhance your understanding of course materials and boost your confidence when facing those midterms. Good luck!

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