I Accept

Receiving an offer of admission is a celebration-worthy accomplishment that you deserve to feel proud of! Be sure to take a moment to appreciate the hard work that got you here. Now that you’ve received an offer, it’s important to ensure that you accept an offer to the program and school that best suit your future aspirations.

Consider your options

Since you may feel overwhelmed with information when choosing to accept an offer, here are some important aspects of post-secondary schools that you should consider:

  • Academic programs and degree options available
  • Availability of co-op or other experiential opportunities, including field placements, practicums, and internships
  • Geographic location and local community
  • Financial considerations

Accepting your offer

Now that you’ve narrowed down your choices, it’s time to put your plan into action. To view all offers available to you, log in with your credentials to the OUAC website (or via the website you applied through), and head to the ‘My Offers’ tab in your applications. Once you click the ‘accept’ button, you will be provided with the option to accept or decline.

Following this, you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox which summarizes your applicant information, including your responses to offers. It’s vital that you keep this information for your own records. You may receive a few different offers, which can be both exciting and overwhelming. While accepting an offer does not automatically prevent you from accepting a different offer later on (as long as you meet all deadlines), it’s important to note that you can only accept one offer at a time.

Review your conditions

When you receive an offer, the school will provide specific instructions, including conditional requirements (if any). These will be explicitly outlined in your acceptance letter, highlighting what you’ll need to do in order to maintain your offer. In many instances, this includes a minimum final overall average at the end of Grade 12.

Next steps: exploring opportunities

Before or after you’ve accepted an offer, you may wish to consider learning more about your future school, and the opportunities it has to offer to you. At Brock University, we offer a wide range of co-curricular activities for students to pursue, as highlighted in our viewbook. Some co-curriculars may require a supplementary application — including Med Plus and Law Plus programs at Brock — both ideal for students looking to prepare themselves for careers in health-care and the legal sector.

If you haven’t yet visited the school that you’re interested in attending, be proactive and schedule a campus tour! Many schools offer orientation programs that will help make your transition from secondary school to university or college as simple as possible. If you feel like that may benefit you, consider registering for Brock’s immersive Smart Start summer orientation program.

Deciding both what to study and where is an important step to take towards pursuing your dream career. It’s always important to keep an open mind about the offers and opportunities available to you, and make sure that you’re passionate about what you’re learning, and where you’re studying!

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