A glowing sunset in Northern Ireland, home of Ulster University.

Your university experience will shape your career and your future, so it's important that you spend time figuring out exactly what your needs and expectations are.

Here are our top tips to help you make your big decision!

#1: Courses & Rankings

Find out which university has the best rankings in your chosen study area. A globally recognised accreditation gives you reassurance of quality and reputation. (These rankings will usually be listed on the university website.)

#2: Location

Consider what the place or city has to offer you — does it match your interests? Is landscape and scenery high on your priorities? Or do you need a location that opens up travel opportunities? Take some time to think about what matters to you most, and find a location that inspires you. Northern Ireland offers a unique experience!

#3: Affordability

Check both the cost of fees and the cost of living when making your decision. Ensure that you have estimated your costs accurately and can budget accordingly for your time studying away from home. Look into whether you'll be permitted to work in your host country, and potential wages to expect.

#4: Communication

If you're interested in a university, reach out to them! While all the answers may be available on the university website, discussing queries with a member of staff may help you make the decision more quickly. Plus, many universities consider “expressed interest” for admissions, so it's good to make yourself known!

#5: Transferability

When choosing your degree, make sure the qualification meets the industry standards in your home country. Contact the university to get clarity in advance of making your decision, and figure out if you'll need any additional training.

Northern Ireland is a fantastic place to study. Why not explore opportunities with Ulster University?