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Why You Need to Schedule Time to Find Scholarships
Scholarships open and close all year long, so schedule time every week to apply!
How to Prepare for Scholarships in Grades 10 and 11
Scholarship applications require a lot of forethinking. Learn more about how to prepare for them.
How to Write a Personal Statement for Admission to Your First-Choice Program
Grades aren't everything to registrars. Effectively telling your story is just as important.
Get Admitted and Land a Top Job by Winning Scholarships
How receiving scholarships can boost your chances at competitive admissions and an amazing career.
What Does
How do you know if you qualify?
Scholarships: How do I Know if it
Big awards, little awards, how can you get the most out of your time?
Six Reasons Why Scholarships Might Not Be As Competitive As You Think
Some students don’t even apply for scholarships because they think they it’s too competitive and they won’t win...
Social Media and Scholarships: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Come scholarship application time, social media has its pros and cons.
How to Get a Great Scholarship Reference, part 2: How and When to Ask
Now that you know who you're asking, how and when should you do so?
How to Get a Great Scholarship Reference, part 1: Who to Ask
Your reference is an important part of your application. Think hard about who to ask!
Searching for Scholarships? Don’t Make These Two Common Mistakes
There are two common mistakes that prevent many qualified students from finding, and winning, scholarships.
How to Read a Scholarship Application: Why you should read the fine print
Some scholarship applications provide valuable guides and, if you’re not reading the fine print, you’ll miss it.
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