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Residence, Off-Campus, or Home Sweet Home? Choosing the Right Place to Live as a Student
Choosing the right living arrangements to support your goals and lifestyle.
Your Guide to Budgeting at University
Discover how you can save some money while studying at university!
Four Tips for Saving Money Through the Summer
Discover how you can make this your most financial savvy summer yet!
Finances: A 101 Guide for Students
What you need to know to pay for university.
Durham College’s Food Insecurity Bursary Helps 1,150 Students
Discover how Durham College provides immediate assistance to students navigating unforeseen financial challenges.
Attend Cambrian College’s Spring Open House and You Could Win $10,000
September 2024 — what would you do with $10,000 cash?
Top 8 Questions to Ask When Considering Studying Abroad
Are you thinking of studying abroad? Consider asking these questions to discover your best options.
Durham College Raising Funds to Support Students Experiencing Food Insecurity
Higher costs of living and grocery prices increase need for DC's Food Insecurity Bursary.
Anita Rani Scholarship Will Help Disadvantaged Women
University of Bradford Chancellor and TV/radio personality Anita Rani has launched her own scholarship to help women from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Making the Most of Your Money as a Student
Check out these top tips to help you increase your savings, minimize your spending, and learn more about financial literacy.
New Memorial Scholarship Helps Student-Athletes Fulfill Potential
The Tim Callaghan Memorial Hockey Scholarship encourages leadership on and off the ice.
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