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How I Save Money as a Student in Toronto
Keeping more of your hard-earned money while studying in one of Canada's most expensive cities.
Canadian Optometry Student Jesse on Choosing an American School
Jesse, OD '21, speaks about how he came to MCPHS and what the experience has been like.
Scholarship Advice from a University of York Student
Find out how you can create an excellent scholarship application.
For Olympic Sprinter Maddy Price, the Journey is the True Reward
Maddy Price is a Canadian Olympian and professional relay sprinter. Off the track, she shares her inspiring story.
Things I Wish I
Arnica shares her fears as a new student, and how she overcame them at TRU.
New Scholarship Program Supports Black Canadian Students at UBC
A new scholarship program provies financial and institutional support for Black Canadian students at UBC.
The Sobey National Innovator Scholarship: a Financial, Social, and Professional Head Start
Begin your Bachelor of Commerce with a head start at the Sobey School of Business!
Getting the Right Letter of Reference
How to ask people to say nice things about you for scholarship applications.
Paying for School Doesn
Thousands of dollars in scholarships and bursaries are often just a few clicks away.
Entrance Scholarships and Awards for TRU Students
Did you know TRU offers more than $500,000 in entrance scholarships and awards to first-time students?!
How Centennial College (and Canada!) Welcomes and Supports International Students
Hear Mercy Mamman's story of coming from Nigeria to earn a post-grad in International Business Management.
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